Use Extras in the front end?

I’m wondering if there is any way to use an installed extra on the front end. For example, I want to set up a page for a client to log in, but not into the manager — just into the custom page on the front end. I’d love to be able to use Image+ for them to upload an image and specify a crop.

I don’t think this will work.
Image+ is programmed as a TV. It reacts to certain MODX manager events to output the UI components. And it requires Ext.js, that you probably don’t want to use on the front-end.

I believe it will be easier to create a custom solution for the front-end.
Image+ uses the Jcrop javascript library for the cropping. So maybe use that as well.

Uppy is nice for that.

So Jcrop will output the same JSON used by Image+?

No, you get the 4 crop values (x, y, width, height) that then can be used to generate the cropped image with phpThumb.

The JSON is Image+ specific, and just a way to save all the data in only one field.

Great, thanks for the info!