Use dynamic media source before saving? (migxResourceMediaPath)

Hi fellas,

I’m using a dynamic media source via migxResourceMediaPath for a image tv.

If I use the tv in the backend before I save the resource, the media browser pops up and loads the root folder.

If I use the tv after saving, the correct folder is loaded.

Is it possible to use migxResourceMediaPath before the resource is saved?


No, because it depends on the resource-id, which is unknown before saving the resource

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I understand, thank you.

I need some kind of fallback for editors who do not save before using this tv… and I do not want them to be able to access the root via this tv.
I already have set up ACLs for my editors group which do not seem to have any impact on that tv.

Is it possible to bypass that behaviour?

I think, you could hide that TV on create with form customization

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Oh my… I love that idea, simple and clean! Thanks Bruno