Url parameter not working correctly

I have an url parameter to filter on a city name but with the city Ede it also shows the city Enschede. But when I filter on Enschede I only see Enschede. Why is this happening?

Url examples:

The 3 letters “ede” are also found at the end of the name Enschede.

I guess you have to change your filter to compare the whole word and not just parts of it.

I was thinking something like that was causing it but I have no idea how to change the filter. At this moment it works like this since I have multiple TV filters.


Do the TVs vacature_plaats, werkgever_naam and werkgever_naam contain only 1 value, or can they also contain multiple values (usually divided by ||)?

Do you use getResources or pdoResources?

Only one, thanks for helping out!

Here is the documentation for tvFilters:


To only find exact matches, delete the wildcard characters % (and maybe use the filter operator === instead).


I think there is a problem, when not all 3 URL parameters are provided in the request.
Because LIKE '%%' matches every value and LIKE '' only matches empty strings.

I guess you have to create a custom snippet to generate the tvFilters-string with only the URL parameters that are present or alternatively use the default output modifier:


Thanks, I should have looked into that a bit more. Simply removing the % did the trick.

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