Uploading images with uppercase letters in filename


When I upload an image i get the following error:
The file is not a valid file and cannot be deleted.

I’m working with MODX 3.0.1-pl

I was very confused about this message, because I don’t want to delete a file, I’d like to upload a file…

Now I found out, that no uppercase letters on the filename are allowed.
Can I achieve, that my file is uploaded anyway and uppercase letters are replaced with lowercase letters automatically?

Thanks for your help

I think this might be a symptom of running the extra FileSluggy on MODX3.

MODX3 has much of the functionality of FileSluggy built in - so you should be OK to remove it and still have your filenames tidied.

Thank you. But I don’t have FileSluggy running

Maybe there are plugins from other extras that run on the events “OnFileManagerBeforeUpload”, “OnFileManagerUpload” or “OnFileManagerFileRename” and possibly interfere?

Under cogwheel-icon → “System Settings” there is a tab “System Events” to check that. Use the event name in the search field, then check the column “Plugins”.

Does it make any difference if you change the value of the system setting upload_translit?

Thank you very much!
The reason was the extra “filetranslit”, which I deinstalled now

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