Upload Image to a Topic

Some images did not load after moving to another server. How can I upload an image to a topic ?

Every MODX site is unique, so there is no general answer to your question.

What is a “topic” on your site? A resource? Maybe this resource has an image TV (template variable) to select an image.

Where are the images stored on your disk? Do you use different media sources (top-menu “Media” → “Media Browser” | “Media” → “Media Sources”)?

The placeholder image implies that you are using the phpThumbOn extra to create the thumbnails.

For example in this link Projects

Some html pages, No related images. How can I access each page from the manager?

In the manager on the left side there is a resource tree.

Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 21-15-33 MODX Browser MODX Revolution

Each resource is a page of your website.

Try to navigate to the page with the missing picture by clicking on it in the resource tree and see if you can find a field on the page that opens where you can set the image.

I found the relevant title in this image. There is also add media. But I couldn’t find the main image insertion location.

Maybe it is in the tab “Additional fields (TV)”?

This “Localization” tab in the screenshot seems to be from the extra Localizator. But I have never used this extra (and I don’t know if there are different TV values for the different languages).

I will look. How to make the language of the administration panel different?