Upload error when using the gallery extra

I cannot use the gallery extra because it isnt possible to upload any files, neither single nor multi upload. The js console shows me a 500 error, no error in the modx logs. When I click on a media source via Edit modx shows me a popup “500” (all media sources). This popup only appears when gallery is installed.

The normal upload via the manager works perfectly fine, also for the same files. When I select an image for single upload via gallery and I select the file to upload, the path in the field shows “C:/fakepath…”

I didnt change the gallery system settings.

Are you running either MODX 3 or PHP 8? If so, my guess would be one of them is the culprit.

I am using Modx 3 but not PHP8. The new version of gallery should work with modx 3, doesnt it?
What would be your alternative for this extra? I am currently using migx but it is pretty annoying to select each image individually…

Thanks for the help!

Maybe this pull request fixes the issue with the media source

500 errors usually get logged in the server error log file. Please check that file, as the specific error message would be helpful to identify the cause of the error.

There is the paid extra MoreGallery from modmore.

it is possible to setup MIGX with a multiupload button, where all images are uploaded into a specific directory for each resource and get selected after upload automatically.

Do you know if anyone is actively maintaining Gallery? Looks like there are quite a few pull requests for that extra, going back a few years.

“actively” is probably too strong a word to use here. Gallery is one of those extras from splittingred that are now “maintained” by MODX (same Github user as the MODX core code).
So someone there has still access to the repository and can release new versions. The extra is not abandoned and my guess is, that major issues will get fixed. But don’t expect new features or extensive rewrites.

At one time, Gallery had a serious security flaw. I think that’s been fixed, but I’m not sure.

A bunch of my sites got hacked during the time that was discovered. I haven’t had any security issues since it was updated, so I’m pretty sure the flaw was remedied.

It’s odd, I found a security fix by Mark Hamstra at GitHub, but there was a note at the top saying it wasn’t part of any current branch.