Upgrading to latest VersionX release requires PHP 7.1+

### Summary

Upgrading to latest VersionX release requires PHP 7.1 (VersionX 2.2.2 and possible other versions)

### Step to reproduce

Log into the MODX Manager and open the Package Management page for Extras Installer.

Click on Update button for VersionX and proceed to follow through with the update.

### Observed behavior

User can no longer access the MODX Manager Login page or the Manager itself.

User can no longer run the MODX setup page.

### Expected behavior

When clicking on the Update button, the Update Package window is opened for the user to select the version to upgrade to. There is a changelog link that explicitly states that VersionX now requires PHP 7.1+ and MODX 2.6+.

Ideally, users should see that PHP 7.1+ and MODX 2.6+ are requirements for the upgrade without clicking on the Changelog. Showing the requirements for PHP and MODX version on the initial display of the Update Package window under the version that VersionX is about to be upgraded to will go a long ways for some maintainers and developers, please.

### Environment

MODX Revolution 2.6.5

VersionX 2.1.3 currently installed

PHP 5.6

Didn’t the upgrade tell you that your php version was insufficient and halted it there?

If the intended behavior was to halt the upgrade, it did not. One of our developers went through the upgrade successfully and then requested us to fix his sandbox. That’s how we discovered this issue. However, that is not to say that a fresh install of the plugin on PHP 5.6 would halt the install. We have not tried that. The issue is for upgrading only.


I’ve copied your report into the github repository for VersionX - will see if I have some time to investigate that soon.

Thank you sir! I have had no prior issues with VersionX and enjoy using it. I think that just displaying the message right from the get go on the Update Package would help a lot so that others might not encounter the issue we had. I know that it is best practice to view changelogs when made available, but, sometimes, it would appear that they get missed. Then something terrible happens like this.