UpgradeModx hide dev version?

Is there a setting to not show the dev versions available in the dashboard widget? I looked at the settings for this and I see only a yes/no option for pl versions, which is set to yes by default.

I’m hoping to avoid confusion with clients about whether to upgrade or not.



You can set the ugm_pl_only System Setting to yes to hide the dev versions.

Yes, I’ve already done that. But it still shows the Dev versions. That is the default setting.


Modx ver 3.0.03
UGM version 2.3.5

I checked one of my other 3.0 sites and it works just fine. Yet another 3.0 site where it shows dev version despite the pl yes setting–just like this one.

That’s not the widget from the UpgradeMODX extra.

It’s the widget “Updates” that comes with MODX 3. And yes, the displayed version makes no sense.
See also this issue on Github:

Currently, I’d probably just remove the widget from the dashboard.

Oh! Gotcha. I just assumed… .

Thanks for the clarification.