UpgradeModx: fatal error and no backup function


UpgradeModx: can’t connect to Github & Fatal Error

Step to reproduce

Install UpgradeModx, and try to update, and then just click “de-install”

Observed behavior

When I de-install it, I get fatal error:
Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/site.be/httpd.www/core/components/upgrademodx/model/upgrademodx/upgrademodx.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in /site.be/httpd.www/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/44.include.cache.php on line 73

Expected behavior

I should be able to click on “upgrade Modx”, but there is no button only red warning : "too much requests from this IP, authenticated users get more traffic from github.


UpgradeModx plugin, latest version on 2.6.5 with php7.2, with all modules updated.

I believe that’s a known limitation; it uses GitHub to find out what versions are available and that API is rate limited for anonymous requests. There should be a system setting you can add your own API Key to, allowing you to bypass the rate limits, or you can simply wait it out for an hour or so.

Deactivating the plugin with ID 44 (which likely is UpgradeMODX) can help with that fatal error.

Mark, as usual, is correct. I was told quite a long time ago that modx.com would “soon” have an API for this, but AFAIK, it hasn’t happened, so UGM is still dependent on GitHub.

Hi Bob

I have the same Upgrade MODx error:

Error: Could not get version list from GitHub -- 403 API rate limit exceeded for (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.)

Error: Regex failed

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to add my own API key to bypass the rate limits, as in Mark’s reply. Or is there another way to get around this issue?


David Heriot

There is some information about this here.

Search for the paragraph with the title “GitHub API Rate Limit Exceeded”.

Thanks for that. Though, annoyingly, when I relogged into the website to enter the token, Upgrade Modx was working! I’ve entered it anyway.

Thanks for your help



The rate limit restriction is usually temporary, so just trying again later is another option. I’m not sure how long you’re locked out, but I’m pretty sure its < 24 hours.