Upgrade path from 2.7.3


Looking for info on an upgrade path from 2.7.3…


I have a site running on 2.7.3 for sometime now. All Extras have been updated and saw the notice for a 2.8.6 release. I was wondering what the upgrade path from 2.7.3 to 2.8.6 would be (nothing came up via the search), but also, I saw the notice that there were some issues upgrading to 2.8.2, 2.8.3 and later:


This site currently has 1,000s of pages, utilizing base/core pages along with LOTS of varied category pages as symlink pages, LOTS of getPage and getResources and other Extra uses possibly also using static resources, I can’t remember for sure but I believe if I did they would be in the assets folder.

Does anyone know if the new 8.2.6 release fixes any of the noted concerns going to 2.8.2, 2.8.3, etc., or might me best to leave it at 2.7.3 for now?

Any insight appreciated.

I would recommend to upgrade to the latest version of MODX 2.x.

Be sure to create a backup first (files and database) so you could revert to the old version if something goes wrong. But usually upgrading from newish versions of the 2.x branch shouldn’t make much trouble.

The bugs introduced in 2.8.2 were fixed in later versions.
The security improvements (detailed in the page you linked) still apply.

Great…Thanks for the insight.

I will make backups and attempt an update and notice the result.

Definitely upgrade. It’s worth it for the security fixes alone.

Not everyone would agree with me, but I would upgrade to 2.8.0 first, then to 2.8.6. It may not be necessary, but it’s cheap insurance. Using the UpgradeMODX extra will make things go a lot faster.


Thanks for the reference to the UpgradeMODX Extra!

I had to update the php version so Guzzle would install, I then made a backup of the DB, after that the UpgradeMODX had already selected by default your recommended upgrade path (2.8.0), so did that update, then it defaulted to the 2.8.6 update, and I did that one.

So far, I do not see any issues, everything seems to be working as expected.

I’m glad you got it sorted. It’s another bit of support for my argument that you should always update to the x.x.0 versions. :wink: That’s why I built that recommendation into UGM.

The changes to the database tend to take place in the .0 versions. The non-.0 versions are supposed to check and make those changes if they’re not there already, but I suspect that that doesn’t always work.

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