Upgrade Modx issue

Hi there,

I have just tried to upgrade an ageing site to the latest version of Modx using upgradeModx.
It was running on V 2.6.5 so I just tried to go to V 2.7.0.

It thought about it for a while, then gave me the following screen

When I click ‘back to manager’ i get a 500 error.

I checked and the PHP version is pretty old too - 5.6.

Any advice on how to fix this?

The front end seems to be working fine still.


The front end is not working actually - none of the images are loading properly.
I will restore from the backup I took, and start again - but any tips on how to use upgradeModx successfully this time?


Before reverting, can you check your server error log for the reason behind the 500 error?

Thanks Mark.

All I can see is this:
[Wed Jan 15 16:15:06.992510 2020] [access_compat:error] [pid 2575553] [client MY.SER.VER.IP:48622] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/account/public_html/core/docs/changelog.txt

from which version to which version did you upgrade?

Hi Bruno

It was from 2.6.5 > 2.7.0

Is this using the latest version of UpgradeMODX?
Are you using the dashboard widget or the snippet on a resource?
It didn’t take you to the MODX setup?

Hi there,
I just realised that the site was so out of date that the upgradeMODX was also out of date.
I reinstalled the site from backup (which reminded me exactly why i do backups all the time!) and then upgraded The extra, Then upgraded PHP to 7.3, THEN ran the update - all went fine!

Problem solved.
I think it was a problem with PHP and the UpgradeMODX Extra all being out of date perhaps.

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