Upgrade a small site from MODX Revolution 2.5.7 to the latest MODX version


I’m looking for someone to upgrade a MODX website running on Revolution 2.5.7 to the latest working MODX version.
The website is running on an Obambu server.
Recently Obambu upgraded the PHP and both the manager and the website stopped working properly.
I figured out how to solve some minor java syntax issues to put the website back online, but I am still encountering problems with the manager (ie, not showing dashboards and template variables), and when I try to upgrade MODX the installation stuck.

It’s quite urgent, anyone available?
Of course it’s a paid job.


Hi fredela,

I could possibly take a look over the next few hours.

Are you on the MODX Slack to be able to chat details? I’m over there as josh.

If not and you’d like to chat further you can inbox me here or I could give you an email to send to :+1:t2:

Did you get this site migrated ?

Sorry for my late post…Do you still need a professional to help you with version upgrade ?

Hi and thanks everyone who answered.
Sorry for getting back this late.
The website still need to be updated/fixed.
The owners are based in Berlin (Germany) and were actually looking for a modx programmer who lives there, it would be easier for them to work that way.
If anyone is available please leave a post.

Hi @fredela
I am interested and available immediately for intervention to issues.

So as you are still searching for reliable developer, can discuss further

Looking forward to your response

eMail: deepvyas71@gmail.com