Updating a resource's Search Engine Results

I’m hoping that this is a MODX thing because I cannot find an answer to this anywhere else.

I have a resource page that I’m having trouble showing the right content when someone searches for that page on Google.

Some users are seeing different results for the same search and I can’t figure this out. When searching for “Jason Wrona” in google, I get what is located in the meta og:description tag in my page’s head area (talking about real estate experience from the page’s first paragraph). But other users are seeing what is in the 3rd paragraph talking about cannabis, which is what he doesn’t want.

Is there anything I can do to force the search engine to use the og:description? I’ve tried using google’s search console to reindex this page many times and this has been changed for over a year now and should’ve reindexed on its own by now.


That’s not a MODX thing, unfortunately. Google will show what it thinks is best.

Here’s some more about that on Yoast.

Not only does Google do this, they stubbornly refuse to give out any information about how or why they do it.