Update to 3.0.4 with Umlauts

Hi everyone

I have a problem with the Advanced Update from 3.03 to 3.0.4.

I am here in Europe and we use fonts with öäü.
When I update, it collapses the character set and I get question marks instead of umlauts.

How can I do a setup properly?

Kind regards,

Can you be a bit more specific?
What exactly do you mean by “Advanced Update” and “it collapses the character set”? At what point during the upgrade?

Usually problems like this are caused by a wrongly set character set for the database connection.
Maybe check the file core/config/config.inc.php to see if the variables $database_connection_charset and $database_dsn are correct.

Thanks you for your reply.

I mean the advanced installation.

The dtabase_connection_carset is latin1 before setup the dsn charset is also latin1. Should this be changed before to UTF_8? This has always worked with previous updates.

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Thank you - I did a setup again and it worked :grinning: