Unzipping files issue

Hello guys. I love ModX, but sometimes I have problems with it.
I created a TV. TV type was file. Then in resource I clicked on the button icon, choose a directory, uploaded zip file, clicked on unzip file and nothing happened. Meanwhile I opened Media->Filesystem, uploaded zip file in the same directory, clicked unzip file, confirmation window popped up, I clicked yes and it was unzipped successfully. What is the problem with unzipping .zip files from TV?


This seems to be a bug.

There is already an old issue on Github (for the MODX 2.x branch) that’s still unresolved.

As far as I can tell from a quick look at the code, there is a function unpackFile in the file manager/assets/modext/widgets/system/modx.tree.directory.js:

There needs to be a function with the same name in the file manager/assets/modext/widgets/media/modx.browser.js. But it’s currently missing.

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