Uninstall snippet

I have a problem with a few snippets that I uninstalled and they keep on popping up in the error log e.g.

model/modx/modparser.class.php : 541) Could not find snippet with name easycopyright.

why does modparser keep on looking for them when they have been removed. What would be the best way to fix that.

I have the same issue on another site with seo tab and seo pro giving me same error

It may be worth having a check on the extension_packages system setting - if you haven’t already:

Sometimes extras are referenced here and those references are not properly removed on uninstall.

I had not thanks good to know. But I only have guzzel in there so that does not seem the be the problem

The error message probably means that you still have a snippet tag like [[easycopyright]] somewhere on your page. The MODX parser tries to load the snippet to execute it, but can’t find it (because you uninstalled the extra).

Try to locate the snippet call in your templates/chunks/resource contents and remove it.

I could not find it hence I thought it was somehting else I will try look again thanks

I also uninstall seopro also getting errors after uninstall but these are xpdo errors.
Site is working fine but its filling up my error log big time. I dont know why it is still looking in the path as seopro does not exist anymore no path.

I have had the same on another sites wher eI uninstalled it eating up my error log

different error though busy investigating

[2022-09-06 11:34:23] (ERROR @ core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 1267) Problem getting service seopro, instance of class seoPro, from path core/components/seopro/model/seopro/
[2022-09-06 11:34:23] (ERROR @ core/vendor/xpdo/xpdo/src/xPDO/xPDO.php : 1267) Problem getting service stercseo, instance of class StercSEO, from path core/components/stercseo/model/stercseo/

These errors are different. They are caused by a call to $modx->getService('seopro', ...); and $modx->getService('stercseo', ...);

Make sure that there aren’t any active plugins related to seoPro and the snippets of that extra are really deleted.

The easiest way to find obsolete snippet calls and leftover elements from uninstalled packages is probably to run some SQL queries like these ones:

-- Search in chunks
SELECT `id`, `name` FROM `modx_site_htmlsnippets` WHERE `snippet` LIKE '%easycopyright%'; 
-- Search in templates
SELECT `id`, `templatename` FROM `modx_site_templates` WHERE `content` LIKE '%easycopyright%'; 
-- Search in resources
SELECT `id`, `pagetitle` FROM `modx_site_content` WHERE `content` LIKE '%easycopyright%'; 

-- Search in plugins
SELECT `id`, `name` FROM `modx_site_plugins` WHERE `plugincode` LIKE '%seopro%'; 
-- Search in snippets
SELECT `id`, `name` FROM `modx_site_snippets` WHERE `snippet` LIKE '%seopro%'; 

thanks alot for the tips I am seaching the db have not found anything yet but will keep on digging

You might also check the modx_extension_packages table in the DB. It’s the replacement for the extension_packages System Setting. Some newer extras may be placing records there.

It’s also worth manually deleting all the files and the core/cache directory , and putting your browser in private or incognito mode to rule out cache issues.