Unexpected resources in menu list

In the header, the menu list should display 6 items but it is displaying 8 items.
I can’t find the other 2 items.

  &tplOuter=`@INLINE <ul[[+classes]]>[[+wrapper]]</ul>`
  &tplInner=`@INLINE <ul>[[+wrapper]]</ul>`
  &tplParentRow=`@INLINE <li[[+classes]]><a href="[[+link]]" [[+attributes]]>[[+menutitle]]</a>[[+wrapper]]</li>`

What do you mean by that? That they are not displayed in the MODX manager?

They have to be somewhere in the database table modx_site_content. Search for them there using the menutitle (or maybe the aliases “ueber-uns” & “ausstellungen”) and try to figure out why they are not displayed in the manager.

Is it possible that they are hidden by some ACL entry?

It’s rare, but if you drag and drop resources in the tree, they can end up with invalid parents. I’ve actually seen cases where the page’s parent was itself or two resources have each other as parents.

SiteCheck will identify these (and make them reappear in the tree), but you can also find them in the DB and fix them manually if this is the problem.

Yes, hidden resources are visible in Database. But how can make them visible in Modx manager resources?

I don’t know the reason for the invisible.
The visible resources and invisible resources have no difference in the Database.
That’s why I have removed it from the database and added it again in the Modx manager.
But now some other resources has disappeared.

Is the parent field correct for these resources? Maybe they contain the value of a resource that doesn’t exist.

Also maybe upgrade to the latest version of MODX 3. This early version of MODX 3 may contain some bugs that where fixed later.

The resources are displaying in the homepage(site view) in menu items

Is the column show_in_tree set to 1 for these resources?

This value can be used by extras like “Collections” to hide the child-resources of a container. Maybe a bug in an extra sets the value for the wrong resources.

Sorry, for making you confused.
Because of the menu-index conflicting resources disappeared.