Undo or revert?


The website of years has suddenly gone weird and messed up.

I was trying to find a link [to change to point it to a new website]…

I believe [but may be wrong] it was when I searched through the three index’s ‘Alt2subpage’, ‘IndexPage’, and ‘Subpage’ templates

After which a big chunk of my home page has disappeared

I would be happy to take the website back in time - is there an undo - to get to where it was before I was an idiot and messed it up. As I can’t see the old text, and I wouldn’t know how to make it work as it was again even if I could see it.

Step to reproduce

No idea - just guessing it was switching through those indexes that messed things up as that was the last thing I did before it went wrong

Observed behavior

Text missing, text that was ‘moving’ now stationary

Expected behavior


Not sure I understand this question - I’m a newbie to all of this

Any help would be amazing

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Which version of MODX are you using?

There is a log about recent changes under Manage -> Reports -> Manager Log. It doesn’t show specific code changes but might hint you in the right direction which resources or templates got changed.

If you don’t find what you changed there, the only option I know, would be loading a database backup (which either you made or if you have a decent hosting provider, has been made automatically for you on a frequent basis). I would consider this option as a last resort though.

To me it looks like you rather changed something small, which should hopefully be easy to revert. Maybe you could provide more detail on what exactly you changed (or wanted to) and provide some code?

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If the change that broke it came from a resource or element change, and you had VersionX installed before that, that may also be able to help with a revert. But as @vibedesign says, you may have no other choice but to revert to a backup from the hosting provider if there is one.

As no-one on this forum has any inside knowledge about your site, it’s hard to assist. If you had a development partner to help build you the site, I’d recommend getting in touch with them. They’ll know more about the site and can perhaps help.

If the site hasn’t been updated in a while, there’s also a chance it was hacked. Perhaps whatever you did in the manager caused the cache to refresh and surface issues that were actually already there before you logged in. Again though - we know nothing about your specific site other than what you share, so that may also be completely wrong. :wink:

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As an update [and thanks to those for the help]

I managed to get it back up - I think it was to do with selecting a template that was wrong. The Estonian company that made the website all them years ago have left it as a mess… and I must have made a silly mistake without realising

Thanks again for the help xx


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