TV output that populates another TV's list

I’m trying to make a TV that looks something like this:

Item - Percentage

Where each category will have multiple items. But I want the option to have multiple categories too. The catch is that I won’t know how many categories I’ll need until later. So I’d like to have one TV that defines the categories and another TV that creates a list to select from based on the category TV and then I’ll assign items to each of those.

I know I could manually create a dropdown field in MIGX and just add them there for each category, but I’d like to make this dynamic if I can.

Is this even possible to do? Or is there a better way to achieve this?


You can fill a dropdown dynamically with the values from a MIGX TV if you put code like this into the field ‘Input Option Values’.

@EVAL return "--- Choose Category ---==||".$modx->runSnippet('getImageList',array('tpl'=>'@CODE:[[+categoryName]]==[[+MIGX_id]]','outputSeparator'=>'||','tvname'=>'categories','docid'=>'10'));
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does the docid matter? Where did the 10 come from? Or is that the resource id?

Yes, that is just the resource id. You can probably omit it, if the 2 MIGX TVs are defined on the same page.

This worked amazingly! I haven’t tried building this as output just yet, but the TVs are perfect. I was just wondering if there was a way to force the new listbox to sort the content alphabetically? I tried editing the end of the EVAL code like this, adding a sortby and sortdir to the array:

"@EVAL return '--- Choose Category ---==||'.$modx->runSnippet('getImageList',array('tpl'=>'@CODE:[[+expCategory]]==[[+MIGX_id]]','outputSeparator'=>'||','tvname'=>'experienceCategory','sortby'=>'[[+expCategory]]','sortdir'=>'ASC'));"

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I can always sort the original list manually and save it, but I’m wondering if it’s even doable?


It’s definitely doable. Try this:

@EVAL return '--- Choose Category ---==||'.$modx->runSnippet('getImageList',array('tpl'=>'@CODE:[[+expCategory]]==[[+MIGX_id]]','outputSeparator'=>'||','tvname'=>'experienceCategory','sort'=>'[{"sortby":"expCategory","sortdir":"ASC"}]'));

thanks that was a good idea. But I just got stuck with an infinite loading circle.

So I’m stuck, here’s where I’m at with this: sample

I added this into my main template to generate each category.

    <hr class="space" />

In the ‘serviceExperience’ chunk to generate the items within each category and the template of the previous TV.


<section class="section-base stat_counter">
    <div class="container" style="grid-template-columns: repeat([[+content_total]], 1fr);">

Then, the content of that output placeholder:

<div class="counter counter-horizontal counter-icon">
        <span>[[+dynamicCategory]]</span> [[-hide this later]]
        <div class="value">
            <span class="text-md" data-to="[[+itemPercent]]" data-speed="5000">[[+itemPercent]]</span>

You can see from the link above that it spits out the same results for each category. Despite each item having a different category applied to them in the list TV.

Where I’m getting stuck at is, how can I cross reference dynamicCategory from one TV with expCategory from the previous chunk? I would think that it would be an IF/ELSE statement of some kind. Whereas, if [[+dynamicCategory:eq=‘expCategory’:then=‘display’:else=‘ignore’]].

Does this make any sense?

In your chunk ‘serviceExperience’ you probably have to define a &where-property to filter the data. Something like: