Tried to install PackMan on 3.0.1: failed

I would like to export some chunks and TVs from one site to import it into another site. Seems that the only extra for such operation is PackMan 1.2.1-pl (theboxer, 2014).

Trying to install this package I get following errors:
No foreign key definition for parentClass: MODX\Revolution\modMenu using relation alias: Action
Could not load package metadata for package packman. Upgrade your model.

I don’t want to handle such operations via database. Any ideas to solve my problem?

There exist other solutions and extras.
I don’t know if they work on MODX 3 or for your exact use case:

Thanks for this quick answer.

Teleport seems very difficult to me to install and use.
ExtraBuilder … need to try this tomorrow.

There is probably little need for such an extra? Ok, who develop only one site doesn’t need this feature. In case someone builds multiple sites with only a part of functions that should occur everywhere it would be a nice helpful extra.
Will experiment a little tomorrow.

Teleport is the tool, if you want to port Elements from one site to another.

there is also
theboxer/Git-Package-Management: MODX extra for building and managing external packages. (
which is used by developers to package Extras.
But you will need your Elements as static files in specific directories.
Once setup, it works great.

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@bruno17 Teleport is very complicated, the Git-Package-Management is also too much for me. I’m not a skilled programmer, I need a simple extra where I can define a new export and than choose the chunks and tvs by click that I would like to export. On the other site there should be a button “import”. That would be a very helpful tool.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing at the moment, so I will do everything by copy and paste.

Thank you for trying to help me @bruno17 and @halftrainedharry