Translate date in the right language


In the past I had many problems with dates that were not translated, despite the definition of local keys (setlocale), as also reported by several people

I’m developing ‘xDateTrans’, a MODX extra including a modifier in order to force display dates in the right language (

Documentation here :

Ideas are wecome !


Pretty cool, thanks for this! That can save people a lot of time!

Thanks ! For me too :slight_smile:

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Having just had to implement this myself, thought I’d add my “solution”.

I was specifically working with the date for Blogs and wanted to use the Output Modifier, so for that, my solution is:

Add Context Setting: context_date_format and add your locale, eg de_DE.UTF-8, es_ES, it_IT etc. for each context you want.

SNIPPET: dateLocale

$value = $modx->context->getOption(‘context_date_format’, null, ‘default’);
setlocale(LC_TIME, $value);
return strftime($options,$input);

Use as Output modifier like this:
[[+publishedon:dateLocale=%e %B, %Y]] (in feed)
[[*publishedon:dateLocale=%e %B, %Y]] (on page)

Hat tip to Henk for inspiration: Inspiration.