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Title Attribute to Element Categories

Suggestion for the main ModX application. I am a new user and still trying to get a grip on how chunks, snippets, TV’s, etc… are referenced. I often get confused how each one is referenced.

I noticed that on the UI there are other areas like on the Resources menu there are hints/tooltips active on a hover. Suggest adding this to the Elements sections so a quick hover lets the user know how to reference the TV, chunk and snippets. Like this:

Element Menu Title

This is just an enhancement of the anchor tag by adding a title so not heavy lifting and will act as a good reminder for new users and those who do not use ModX every day. Thank you.


Wow this would be good, I often forget the precise code!


As a newbie myself, this would be wonderful! Although, I think it would be even better to allow for a copy shortcut or something that would allow you to paste the specific chunk reference just by right clicking and selecting copy reference or something. :sweat_smile:



Great feature requests! To make them more visible it would be great to open a new feature request on GitHub (we can also help if you want to contribute this feature yourself).




@Mr_JimWest Thank you!

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