TinyMceWrapper suddenly showing error message in textarea

Suddenly today, TinyMce (as used with TinyMCEWrapper) is now display an error message inside the editing textarea:

Your access to TinyMCE will expire on 25 Februrary 2021. Please either contact your administrator or upgrade your account using the instructions available here.

This is coming from the latest javascript file (version 4.9.11) loading through the CDN:

Is TinyMce version 5 integration anywhere on the horizon?

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Just got that same message today


NewsPublisher loads Tiny from their CDN. TinyMceWrapper does too.
It’s location is in the src property of the TinyMceWrapper Plugin. If you change the value of that property to the URL listed here, you should get the new version. You may need to get a free API key and insert it in the URL, though I tried the URL directly as written and appeared to get the Tiny code.

Be aware that the new version may or may not play nice with MODX and elFinder. Looking at the upgrade page, my guess would be that it won’t, but it might be worth a try. Post back on results if you try it. Hopefully donshakespeare will jump in here.

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I installed a local copy of TinyMce 4, along with the latest javascript from the CDN, but with the version check code chopped off the end of it, and link to that in TinyMCEWrapper. That keeps me going for now, but I’m hoping donshakespeare can finish up the next version of the plugin, which he said a while ago will use TinyMce 5.

After udating the NewsPub tinysource and TW tinySrc properties with the new cdn I was able to get rid of the uprade alerts in the Manager but it also breaks the TW plugins and thus the editor no longer renders and is replaced by even more plugin alerts.

Also, the original upgrade warning still persists on the front-end editing fields.

@rainbowtiger - Can you give a few more details on what you did? Was what you got from the CDN version 4 or 5? And if it’s 4, why did you need it if you had already installed a local copy of TinyMce 4?

Disabling all the external plugins and the “skin” in the TW CommonCode file put things right on the backe-end, albeit with less functionality. Also, no more RFM functionality which is a major problem.

Version 4. TinyMCEWrapper by default loads all the files from the CDN, not from local copies. I didn’t have a local copy uploaded. So, I uploaded a copy of Version 4 I have from a while ago, except that I replaced tinymce.min.js with the newer version from the CDN, altered to remove the code that checks and displays the message, and I linked tinySrc to that in the plugin settings. The older tinymce.min.js wasn’t working well with TinyMCEWrapper; don’t know why exactly.

I have another site that needed fixing, and I had already installed a local copy of TinyMce there. When I changed the plugin settings to use the local copy, it worked. This site has the javascript version 4.7.1.

I think the version I uploaded to the first site was also 4.7.1. Maybe some of the custom settings I entered into the TinyMce config settings in that site were making something fail in this version, but work in 4.9.11.

As I posted in another thread, it looks like there are security vulnerabilities in Tiny 4. I have no idea how serious they are, but there are several of them.

As far as the Manager goes Tiny 5 is usable but as I mentioned it doesn’t play nicely with TW external plugins or custom skins including external file managers and code editors which for me is the biggest concern.

I still can’t get Tiny 5 to load on the front-end with NP and TW.

From @donshakespeare on Slack…

“For those getting TinyMCE v4 expiration notice, please switch away from that over-zealous CDN url to the last explicitly-stated version 4 url: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/tinymce/4.9.11
BTW, you are also able to host a copy on your server. Cheers!”

For the 4.9.11 min.js file:


or if you’re not sure the site it runs on will be using https:


More good news. It appears that the XSS vulnerability was patched in TinyMCE 4.9.11. After reading about it, I don’t think it would have affected MODX anyway.

That’s good.

And for those currently using TW, @donshakespeare said TW 3 is still in the works and will support Tiny 5. Hopefully that includes external file managers and editors.

Have you heard from him lately? It’s been in the works for quite a while. Sure hope he can find some time to finish it up!

Thanks for the link!

He checked in on Slack today and confirmed that TW3 is still in play, though there was no mention of a timeframe.

Does anyone know how to enable the definition list function from the Tiny Lists plugin? If you scroll down page (below) you’ll see example code for dl but I’m unsure how to implement it.

Tiny Definition List

I don’t see anything about DL on that page when I click your link.

Scroll down to the Commands section. There’s an InsertDefinitionList command.