TinyMCE Rich Text Editor 2.0.8


I would like to use the TinyMCE RTE as input for a tv,
but at the same time I would like to use the ace for the content field

If I tick richtext for the resource, the content is also displayed in richtext format.
that is not desired.

it worked in the old tineMCE version.
How can I solve this?

Step to reproduce

I am using ModX Revo 2.8, but in the near future I will switch to ModX 3.0

Try changing these lines in the code

to this:

$this->modx->controller->addHtml('<script type="text/javascript">

return '';

Nice idea, the lexicon should still be an issue.

Is OnRichTextEditorInit still called, when which_editor is Ace?

Thank you for help.
It works.

Is there a problem when there is no solution for the lexicon ?


No, when which_editor is Ace, then OnRichTextEditorInit is not called.