TinyMCE Rich Text Editor 1.3.2

I updated my TinyMCE Rich Text Editor recently when I noticed an update was available but now I’m having issues. I can’t see any content at all and the Rich Text Editor isn’t visible either.

Please force reload the Manager, maybe this solves this issue. It could also be some cookie/session issue, that could be solved with a logout/login in the manager.

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Clear the cache on server side too

No joy with either of those unfortunately. Cleared the cache, force reloaded the manager and logged in and out but still the same.

Do you have some error in the browser console? If yes, could you post this here?

I do indeed. It’s a ‘Caught module [h] returned undefined’ error in theme.min.js

Location: assets/tinymcerte/js/vendor/tinymce/themes/moderntheme.min.js