TinyMCE no longer saving on Chrome?

Hi guys,

The recent release of Chrome 85 seems to have caused some strange problems for our site in Revo 2.7.1.

Any saves on a resource that uses TinyMCE (4.3.4) seems to bug out and display the save widget infinitely on the second save event on Chrome browsers.

The error log doesn’t seem to report this but checking the console on dev tools I can see this error:

We can still save in other browsers but obviously this is far from ideal.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this for Chrome?



Could you fix it with a force reload of the manager?

How would you go about invoking that on a save? Thanks

I have the same issue on one website. However, it also happens on different browsers!

Can I do that through MODX itself?

Found a good solution for my client. I replaced the TinyMCE plugin with another one and is now working fine.

If people experience this behaviour in combination with ContentBlocks, it may be caused by ContentBlocks removing the standard content field (which avoids issues with Redactor). That behavior is configurable and can be disabled to avoid conflicts with TinyMCE. See this FAQ for info.

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TinyMCE (4.3.4) is based on TinyMCE 3 and the MODX version of it is no longer actively maintained. Our recommendation is to use TinyMCE Rich Text Editor (based on TinyMCE4) or Redactor as RTEs for MODX at this time.