Thousands of TinyMCE script files and Migx config files marked as modified in Git

Hello, I’m working on a cloned Modx website locally using Git. I noticed there are thousands of changes pending in the Git’s source control. When I looked all these files are TinyMCE scripts and Migx configs I haven’t even open/touch. This brings me two questions: 1) Why is this happening? and 2) Should I ignore them and stage and commit only the files I’ve modified? If so, how can I do that? Thank you

This sometimes means a change in the line ending character or the end of file character or the character set of the file itself. Did you change editors or operating systems or change something to use a different character set (e.g., mb_4 or ASCII vs utf8)?

If you make sure your editor saves all files as utf8 it will usually prevent this. It may help to look at recent commits on GitHub and see what has changed.

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