This forum layout is not responsive!

Hey, how about making this forum layout response?! The right side gets cut off at medium widths. If I turn off that left sidebar, it’s a lot better but there is still some clipping.

I think this is the standard Discourse layout - so I’d be surprised if it isn’t suitably responsive.

Like a lot of responsive designs, if you’re resizing the viewport a lot without refreshing the page, you’ll likely be able to break it in some way or another.

At the medium widths where you see the issue - if you resize to those and then refresh the page - does the problem persist?

I get a horizontal scroll bar at all widths below 1426px. From 1017px to about 1300px it’s pretty significant. Happens in Chrome, Edge and Safari.

:pray: Apologies @snowcreative and thanks @dev_willis - I see it now when the left sidebar is activated.

The main [right] section should adapt when the sidebar is visible but I don’t think it currently does. You can see how it should work here.

Something not quite right.

Yes, it works fine there, so why not here?

I’m not sure why it’s not working here. I am fairly sure, other than customizing he top header, it’s a standard Discourse forum theme.

Might be this setting or something related in theme_6.scss:


The main discourse site isn’t using theme_6 and looks like this:


@pixelstuff I’ll need some assistance from the team. None of the theme customizations include any such CSS that I can find. It is set to be using either the Discource Light or Dark theme with 3 simple components for the branded header (logo and links) along with two others to handle the footer. None of those set the CSS in question that I can see. The only thing I can think of is we customized our version of theme and I wasn’t aware of it (100% possible and even likely).

Maybe @matdave or @elizabeth know.

It’s possible because we lag behind a few commits compared to meta, and the sidebar is very much a beta feature. I bet it’ll fix itself with the next upgrade.

FWIW, I’m not seeing this on the modmore forum which also has the new sidebar enabled. That might be a bit further behind though so it could still in theory be introduced somewhere between that version and the one used here. I’ll give that an update tomorrow.

Figured it out, it was a custom component we had that didn’t play well with the changes of the base theme for the new sidebar. I’ve disabled it for the time being.

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Yes, works now! (OK, why do I have to use at least 20 characters to make a post?)

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Pretty standard behavior in all forums honestly. It’s to prevent “yes!” or “me too”/“+1” responses when you can just use the “like” button.

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Except that I’m not “liking” something. I’m confirming that something works. I don’t really see what’s wrong with short responses.

That’s just how we, and most of the forum world, have decided it should be done. It won’t be changed.

“Yes, works now! Thanks!” is 23 characters, with just one minor addition to your post. :wink:

There is more of a conversational tone if shorter replies are allowed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. don’t mind short replies. A 10-character minimum would prevent “yes!” or “me too”/“+1”, if that’s really necessary. In this day and age, with virtually unlimited data storage, on a forum like this with its particular focus, I really don’t get why the minimum is necessary just because it’s what other forums do. I really doubt that people posting here are going to be filling up the feeds with ultra-short replies. Forcing me to add some extra characters to what is a succinct reply isn’t going to make me reply any less frequently, it just adds a tiny bit of hassle in the rare instance when only a short reply is needed, so I genuinely don’t understand what the exact reasoning is behind the limit.

There’s a balance to be struck when enforcing any minimum (or maximum, for that matter), but I do agree that 20 is a decent trade-off that does not need to be changed and have the same setting over on the modmore forum.

Do you genuinely feel so limited in your expression with a 20 characters minimum that it’s worth a whole debate if it should be 5, 10, 15, 20, or whatever number in between?

Isn’t this the first time in your 200 posts that you’ve run into it?

Conversational (in the sense of a rapid back-and-forth of short messages, like you might do in a chat app) is not necessarily the ideal tone for a forum, especially a technical one. There rarely are questions or answers genuinely as short as a yes or no; there tends to be more context that is worth adding. This encourages it.

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I really don’t want to make a big deal out of this. But, specifically because this is the first time I’ve run into the limit, that proves the point I’m making. Because this is a technical forum, people don’t tend to leave short responses. And we MODX people are pretty passionate as a whole and love to discuss. I think the chance of this turning into a typical chat board is pretty much zero. So why is the minimum limit even needed? I agree that context is really important when describing an issue, but so is being succinct and to the point so that people can read the forums without taking up more of their time than needed.

I was just really surprised that the one time I needed to add just a 15-character post out of the many posts I’ve left on this forum, I couldn’t do that. Adding another 5 characters wouldn’t add any more context of any kind; rather it makes my reply sound less natural. And, I can imagine a scenario when someone posts a question, then someone else wants some clarity, asking “so, do you mean when you do A B C, then X Y Z happens?”. The first person would just need to reply “yes” to provide the clarity. Sorry, not 20 characters. Or “Yes, that’s right”. Sorry, still not 20 characters. This scenario may be rare, but why not allow for it? What’s the harm?

I’m happy to let this discussion die at this point, since it doesn’t seem any change will be made and it’s going off-topic, unless there are other people who want to chime in with their thoughts/feelings.

FYI, I hope you don’t take anything I’ve said as combative. I’m solely interested in creating the best user experience and enhancing the community vibe of this forum.