The site is currently unavailable

Hi friends,

I moved my modx site to a new server. I’m getting the error “The site is currently unavailable” on the Home Page. When I log in from the manager and enter the main page, the error disappears. In short, the error disappears only when the user logs in to the site from manager. How can I solve this problem?

Hi there. Is the Home page published? That might cause this error.

Check the site_unavailable page System Setting and the ID of the home page. The setting should be 0, and the home page ID should be 1.

If that doesn’t solve it, it’s usually a session problem.

Firstly thank you for answer friends. Where can I do this?

In this system, im little new.

To check or set a system setting, click the cog-wheel icon in the top menu and select “System Settings”.


Then use the search field to find the correct setting.

  • site_unavailable_page
  • site_start

The part appeared in the image. Is there anything wrong?


Is the system setting site_status set to Yes?

Setting as NOT. You can see it in the image.

I think that’s your answer. Try setting to ‘yes’

Friends, you are wonderfull. This problem is okey.

Meanwhile, some images are not visible. Why i get this problem ?

Are they broken or empty. Can you share a picture?

I added sir. Pic addres way assets/cache_image/noimage_600x600_c53.webp

No need to call me ‘sir.’ You can call me John. :slight_smile:

So, the missing pic is webp format. Are the others?

It might be a browser issue – not all browsers support webp. Safari for instance.

Thank you John :slightly_smiling_face: I will check morning. In addition, on desktop everything okey but in mobile, i cant see all pictures, menus, slider. What should I do for mobile? Meanwhile i start to like modx.

When I add SSL, only the home page has a problem. No problems with other side pages. Why does this happen?

Make sure you have this exact tag (with the !) in the head section of all templates:

<base href="[[!++site_url]]"/>