Tensorflow Image Classifier with an eCommerce store

In this video we create a #tensorflow image classifier for a bunch of random objects.

We then setup an #ecommerce site using Commerce from with the objects as products and begin to flesh out a small script to match the results of the image classifier with the correct ecommerce products.

Retrain Tensorflow model command:

Guess image command



MODX Help:


Very nice! I’ve never used Tensorflow before, but I’m keen to give it a try now!

Great! :smiley: there’s A LOT you can do with machine learning and artificial intelligence so long as you have good data from being able to spot medical ilnesses from scans and images to predicting consumer behaviour patterns, the possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

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Part 2 now available.

In this video we finished up our tensorflow image classifier with Commerce by setting up the functionality for our users to upload an image to be identified with one of the products we have available.

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