Templates not updating

I installed ModX and everything seems to be fine, and i can edit the main page text, and i can change the template text, but it doesnt ever… change when viewing the page live.

If i make a new page with a new template, it will be live, but never when changing something previously made… UNLESS i remove everything in template and just have text. But in that case, it uses the template as the main page, and the main page is just MIA. But it will update live in that case.

Is it i have to do like ctrl+f5 or something to reload the main page with template embedded? Or what am i doing wrong?


MODX usually caches the code in the template and all results of cached tags at the first request of a resource to files into the core/cache directory.
It clears that cache automatically, by default, everytime anything (template, resource, chunk, snippet…) is saved within the manager.

Maybe this mechanism doesn’t work within your setup for some reason.
You could check, if the clear cache checkbox is activated before saving (should be by default)

For testing, you could delete or rename the core/cache - folder and see, if that would change anything.

You could also try clearing the cache manually from within the manager.

What about making the `[[!*content]] placeholder uncached in the template?

Another thing that might work would be to uncheck the cacheable checkbox on the resource (on the settings tab). That should force MODX to get the changes on the next request. The down side might be slower page loads, depending on how complex the page is.