Template Variable is not loaded correctly in manager


We have a site where we use template variables to set captions for various elements.
In the database i see the correct value for my resource-id but if i go to this resource in the manager it show a different value. On the frontend i see the value i entered before(the correct one).

Step to reproduce

Observed behavior




Expected behavior

The value in the manager should be the same as in the database.


MODX Revolution 2.7.2-pl (advanced)
mysql: 5.6.19
php: 7.3.6

what is the name of this TV?
search for this TV - name in your database. Are there maybe more than one TVs with that same name for some reason?
What happens, when you rename the TV?

Hey Bruno,

thanks for the answer.

The name is ‘locations_lang_captionbuttontext’.
If i rename it the same behavior still exists.
I checked the database and only this tv got this name

how do you build that slider?
Is it with getResources/pdoResources?
How do you call it?
What is the code of your tpl-chunk?

Hi Bruno,

it seems like the TV was bugged. I duplicated it und changed the name to the original.
Now it is working again.