Template Question

Good day to all, I am looking for advice/guidance.

We have used ModX quite a bit in the past, however in the past year or so have strayed away to Concrete5, bad mistake.

We are now converting several C5 site to ModX, as part of the process, we have reviewed new videos etc…

In some videos, the presenter have used template files “On Disk”. We see some benefits to doing this,. So my question becomes:

Is it more beneficial (advisable etc.) to use Disk Based Templates or store them in the DB?

A bit of a loaded question I suppose and may be dependent on many things but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you talking about static templates (the checkbox “Is Static” is checked)?
Such templates are still stored in the database as well. See the documentation:


halftrainedharry, you are correct I am referring to “Static”. I reviewed the docs you sent me and that helps for sure, thank you for that.

From the videos that I watched, it seems that using Static Templates results in immediate rendering of the recent changes.

I guess, the real question would be is there (other than a convenience for editing) a good reason to use Static Templates?

I believe version control (with Git or similar) is the main reason why people prefer files to database entries.