tagLister - filter by whole word or words

I have created several tags, e.g. “Führung” and “eigene Gesprächsführung”. If I filter for “Führung”, the results for “eigene Gesprächsführung” are also displayed.
Where can I set that only exact words or word pairs are filtered?

Target page:

[[!getResourcesTag:default=`<div class="uk-width-1-1"><p><strong>Leider keine Seminare mit dieser Auswahl vorhanden!<strong></p></div>`?

ModX 2.8.3
PHP 7.4

I think getResourcesTag searches with LIKE:%tag% within the TV values

maybe better use the Tagger Extra

There is a property tagSearchType. If you set that to 'exact' it should only return exact matches.

This does not work if there is more than one tag to an item.

Like said, using Tagger will solve that issue

You’re correct.

The way tagLister saves the data in the database (as a comma-separated string) makes it hard to query.

As Bruno said, you should use Tagger instead.

If you really need to use tagLister, then you have to change the snippet getResourcesTag and write your own subquery.

This may (or may not) work. (If your TV has a default value, this won’t work.)

  • Duplicate the snippet “getResourcesTag”
  • Change these lines to something like this:
$mywhere = array("EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM `modx_site_tmplvar_contentvalues` tvr JOIN `modx_site_tmplvars` tv ON tv.id = tvr.tmplvarid WHERE tv.name = '" . $tagKey . "' AND tvr.contentid = modResource.id AND FIND_IN_SET('" . $tag . "',tvr.value) > 0)");
$scriptProperties['where'] = $modx->toJson($mywhere);

Thank you, this work for me!
I will use Tagger for future projects.