Tagger to Auto Tag TV

Is there a way to convert or move tags assigned to articles via Tagger to an Auto Tag TV?

I’m upgrade a site to 3.x that uses blogit and tagger. Since they are not compatible with 3.x, I’m rebuilding the blog with collections in a test site without blogit or tagger. Once done, then I’ll upgrade the site to 3.x

In my test site I’ve installed collections and imported all the site content, so all the articles are in place, but I need to assign the tags to all of them.

If there were just a few, I could create a new TV using Auto Tag and manually assigned the tags to each one. However, I’ve got well over a hundred articles so I’d like to find another way.

I know the tagger tags are not stored in standard TV so I’m wondering if there is some way to export/import them from tagger and into a TV that would assign them to the correct article, perhaps as a table or csv file?

Is there a way to create a TV with some code in the content that could pull the tags from the DB into the TV which I could then be exported and import into the new site.

This is way over my pay grade skill/knowledge wise. So if these ideas are ridiculous or just too ugly, just say so.

As always, I appreciate any help.

Tagger is compatible with MODX 3.
If I was you, I’d still use Tagger on the new site.

If you really want to move the tags from the Tagger tables to a Auto-Tag TV (for some reason), you’ll probably have to write a custom snippet that you run once.

Tagger uses the database tables modx_tagger_groups, modx_tagger_tags and modx_tagger_tag_resources. You would need to create a TV for every Tagger group. Then in the snippet, iterate through all the resource, query the assigned tags from the db-tables and set the TV values ($resource->setTVValue('tv_name', 'tv_value');)

Hmm, according to SiteDash it isn’t compatible. Has this changed or is SiteDash not up to date?

It would definitely make life easier.

The screenshot you supplied is from the extra Batcher (and not Tagger).

Tagger is definitively compatible with MODX 3:

Oy. . . Guess I need more coffee. Sheesh.

Thank you.