Tagger Tags generates available urls


i use tagger for a small weblog. so far everything is great.

i dont use:

For this i use SEO Suiteand freeze URL.

Now when i used on google search “domain.com/tagger-group/tag/ressource-name” it shows nota 404, rather the Content from /blog (META & CO)

can i deactivate auto urls from tags or sonthing els. i found nothing on modx>settings>tagger

thx, greetings

I do not completely understanding what your are trying to do.

But to handle requests with this format


the Tagger extra has a plugin, that runs on the event OnPageNotFound.

If you deactivate this event for the plugin, a request to ressource-name/tagger-group/tag/ shouldn’t work anymore.

(Only deactivate the event OnPageNotFound and NOT the whole plugin. On the other events the plugin still has to run.)

misconception. i need this urlsfor sorting my articles.
a list of all ressources/articles sort to /group/tagname

It’s just tricky that I have the same meta tags for all thes /tagname (filter) pages. but first as far as oaky. sorry & thank you

Me again :slight_smile:

ist it possible to create indvidual MetaContentfor the TAG-Result URLS/sites?
By click on a Tag named “fiction” it calls the url /tagger-group/fiction and shows the result on resources with this tag.

goolge crawled allthis urls, but everex with the same META Desc and Titles. It will be nic,e to generate diffrent content for Google.

greetings chris

A request to mypage/tagger-group/fiction gets rewritten to mypage?tagger-group=fiction.

So you can check the value of the GET parameter “tagger-group” in a snippet ($_GET['tagger-group']), and output different content, based on the value of this parameter.

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i will work/try with this, thx a lot.