Tagger: creating (multiple) subcategories

I would like to create a category/tag-system that can have multiple levels and I’m not sure what would be the best way to achieve this. The usecase here are different products (resources) that need to be categorized for a shop.

Right now I’m looking into Tagger, but as far as I can tell it only allows for two levels:

  -> Tag

I’m looking for a solution where I can have atleast 3 levels, so:

Category 1
 -> Subcategory 1
     -> Tag
Category 2
 -> Tag

Generally I like Tagger but I’m not sure of any way to link different groups together so I can generate multiple levels. Am I missing something or is there a (commonly known) good solution for this?

Any thoughts or maybe totally different ideas are very welcome.

I think you’re right. Hierarchical tags are not possible in Tagger.

I believe the extras Taxonomies has multi-level tags, but this extras is abandoned (no update in years, probably won’t run on MODX 3), so I wouldn’t recommend using it at this point in time.

Maybe you could create the hierarchical “tag” structure with folders in the MODX resource-tree, and then move the product-resources to the correct folder (to “assign” them to a “tag”).

Then output the tags with (for example) pdoMenu and filter the products by “tag” using the &parents property of pdoResources.

I saw that as well, but was hesitant to try that, for the exact reasons you mentioned.

I’m looking at assigning probably multiple thousands of resources so I don’t think that’s a useful way.

Thank you for your ideas and thoughts though!