Tag Manager 2 problem

Hello. guys, tell me what is the problem with modx 3.0.1-pl , tag Manager 2 shows this - a screenshot

In the file core/components/tag_manager2/controllers/index.class.php change the name of the class (on line 63) from tag_manager2IndexManagerController to Tagmanager2indexManagerController.

class Tagmanager2indexManagerController extends tagManagerBaseManagerController {
    //public static function getDefaultController() { return 'home'; }

The extra tagManager2 doesn’t seem to be made compatible for MODX 3.
Other errors may occur using this extra and it’s currently probably safer not to use it with MODX 3.

Hello. Thanks. Damn, and I just started configuring modx 3. Now there are such errors when logging into the plugin. it is not fully displayed

I couldn’t even find a Github repository for this extra.
No idea if it is still maintained but I very much doubt it.

Hello.Thanks. Perhaps you can tell me an alternative option. Do you need a filter by parameters ?

It depends on your use case what other extras might be a viable alternative for you.
(The functionality of tagManager2 is also unclear to me as I never used it.)

If you just need to assign normal tags to resources, you could try Tagger:

For more advanced filtering maybe mFilter2 (which is a part of mSearch2) is an option:

Hello. We need filtering by TV parameters, several parameters for the page


Are these “TV parameters” fixed values or do you need something like a slider where you can define a range?

tagLister is 10 years old!
Better use Tagger.

There is a category, it has several parameters.

I don’t think hierarchical tags (“Домофония” → “IP домофония”) are possible with Tagger.

Maybe for this page it’s easier to stay with MODX 2.x for the time being.

Or you could try fixing the tagManager2 code yourself. (Maybe you could try contacting the author to see if there is a possibility of an update).

Filter below. Cropped the image now.

I’ll try to contact you

Hello. Guys, you could tell me how to make it work on modx 3. There are mistakes. What exactly needs to be done?