Strings not found in Lexicon

Two different stories of strings not found in lexicon. I have just upgraded to Revo 3.0.3.

The first “WebP” might be a more simple explanation.
In my error log I see:
(DEBUG @ /home/shorts18/public_html/mopdb3a/core/src/Revolution/modLexicon.php : 526) Language string not found: “WebP”

It was mentioned to me in the past that we don’t normally run with DEBUG on, but I need it on when I’m debugging my own code and the volume of these messages is filling my error log.

Anyway I see that the strings “PNG”, “JPG”, and “GIF” are in the files in the lexicon folder. But not “WebP”, I suspect that’s an omission.

The second missing string “visibility” is probably a different story. I had the same in 3.0.0 so I just added some code to supress the message in process() in modLexicon.php.
I posted in this forum about it

When I do some grepping for “visibility” I find it’s only in
When I looked for the string “access” I found it was in,,, and, don’t know if that is significant.
The string “base_path” is only in

I did put some debugging in the process() function near line 526 of modLexicon.php to show that the language passed in is “en” as expected for me.

This is not critical at all because I have just added a couple of lines to suppress the messages, the translation for WebP would be WebP anyway.


did a PR
Missing language string ‘WebP’ fills error log by Bruno17 · Pull Request #16416 · modxcms/revolution (