Sterc Mailchimp API for Commerce vs Sterc Mailchimp for FormIt

Sterc developped 2 Mailchimp extra for MailChimp:

Mailchimp for FormIt (latest release July 8, 2021)

Mailchimp API for Commerce (latest r. April 5, 2019)

I use Commerce and I’d like to know whate are exactly the differences.

Does Mailchimp API for Commerce take some advantage if I use Commerce, but I didn’t find any information on Sterc’s website about that (Mailchimp integration for MODX FormIt | Sterc)
Or it should be better to use the latest Mailchimp for FormIt (latest release July 8, 2021)?

As far as I can tell these 2 extras have a completely different purpose.

  • Mailchimp for FormIt: Adds subscribers to Mailchimp lists when sending a FormIt-form.
  • Mailchimp API for Commerce: Connects your E-commerce Store to Mailchimp. Details about your products are stored in Mailchimp and every time you save a product (in MODx), the product in Mailchimp will be updated.

There is also this Commerce extension to subscribe customers to a Mailchimp list when they make a purchase.