Static resources not loading

I’m having a strange issue on one of our websites. The static resources arent loading from the friendly URL.

I’m not getting any errors in the logs.

I, unfortunately, can’t share a link to the issue but I’ll try to explain in as much detail as I can.

We recently moved server, which appears to have caused the issue.

Is there any file that could cause files to no longer load?

I think i’m getting the error

Could not retrieve data to cache for resource 1832

Did you check if the file permissions are correct for your static resources files?

I double checked, I always set the files to 644 and the directories to 755. This has never caused me issues previously


To anyone else experiencing this issue, make sure “Serve Static Files via NGINX” is disabled.

I’m sure with the correct settings it could work with this setup, but disabling fixed the issue