Sqlite for Modx. Is it necessary?

I started making MODX work with SqLite.
There is support itself, but there are no models and classes for xpdo.
If someone needs this too - let me know so that work accelerates.
If you want to help testing - write in the topic.
I plan to post some developments on github some time later.

Hi @alexij,

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This is a very interesting initiative as xPDO supports it natively as you mentioned. But it would be important to have a way to integrate this directly with the official modx branch so it would not be forgotten on an isolated github project like happened with previous attempts from the community.

Thanks and keep it up!
I am observing now this topic closely.

Redy to Testing:

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Hello. I’d love to see this as a pull request on the Revolution repository. I’d certainly be much more inclined to test it if it was. Is there anything I can do to help make that happen?

It is great, if testing will possible by you.
I’ve Sent PR in Revolution repository.
Thank you.

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