Spiefeed stops working when upgraded to PHP8

My site’s home page stopped working when I switched server’s PHP version from 7.4 to 8.2. Looking into the error.log (in root directory, not in modx manager page) I saw the following error was thrown.

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: implode(): Argument #2 ($array) must be of type ?array, string given in /..../public_html/web1/core/components/spiefeed/includes/simplepie/simplepie_1.3.mini.php:11420

simplepie is used by spiefeed extra and I am using this extra to include my blog entries maintained in WP site :stuck_out_tongue:

Googling “simplepie php8” quickly found this article.

So, I downloaded the later version of simplepie.php (I used 1.6, The latest is 1.8 but the file size is twice as big with the 1.8), saved to includes/simplepie folder under /core/spiefeed and point to this file instead of simplepie_1.3.mini.php from spifee.snippet.php (line 253)

My home page is now showing under both PHP7.4 and PHP8.2 so this action seems to have fixed the problem.

I filed a bug report to spiefeed github page but I dont see much traffic there so just in case I am reporting this here.

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Hello, @masakia

Thank you for sharing your detailed investigation! It’s great that you were able to identify the issue and find a solution.

I recommend keeping an eye on it for any updates. Sometimes open-source projects have slower response times, but your contribution will help others facing similar issues.

If you encounter any further problems or need additional assistance, Please tell me I am happy to help you.