SPForm sending problem

Hi Bob - or someone else - ,
I set the form to send contact-mail to three addresses, properly set up as per instructions, but only webmaster get them.
Do the other addresses have to have an account on the site?
How can I debug?

I could be wrong, but judging from the code, I believe SPForm can only send the mail to one address at a time.

What exactly did you do? If you changed the property recipientArray to three addresses, then there should be a <select> element in the form to choose a recipient from.

Yes I set 3 addresses in the recipientArray.

Oh yes, I (now) see the select recipient in the form.

Knew Bob never would make something that didn’t work.

Just one minor thing. Only default property set gets loaded. Why I wonder?

What exactly do you mean? Do you use [[!SPForm@NameOfYourCustomPropertySet]] when calling the snippet?

No. My understand was that any custom property set would override.
But I could if that’s ‘the trick’.

You have to tell MODx which custom property set to use. (There could be multiple custom property sets.)
If you don’t define one in the snippet call, then it takes the default property set.

Overriding is possible when you use a property directly in the snippet call.

[[!SPForm@NameOfYourCustomPropertySet? &spfDebug=`1`]]

Thank you Harry,
I got it to work as intended.

Guess I have to start reading manuals

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