spForm adding nue fields (revo)

Hi guys,

i was using spform with modx revolution and everything goes fine, but i would like to add fields to the form, i was checking all the files in modx ftp

i add this phone field with the lexicon tags but ist not dispaying the text

    $val = $this->modx->lexicon('your-name') ;
    $this->placeholders['spf-name-prompt'] = $val;

    $val = $this->modx->lexicon('phone') ;
    $this->placeholders['spf-phone-prompt'] = $val;

    $val = $this->modx->lexicon('email-address');
    $this->placeholders['spf-email-prompt'] = $val;

    $val = $this->modx->lexicon('subject');
    $this->placeholders['spf-subject-prompt'] = $val;

later i will need to know how to add it in the sending mail .

thanks for your tips and help.

I would recommend using the extra FormIt, if you need custom fields, instead of changing the source code of the spForm extra.

To answer your question: You have to add a new lexicon entry (Name = “phone”; Namespace = “spform”; Topic = “default”) and also add the placeholder [[+spf-phone-prompt]] to the chunk “spformTpl” to see the output.

i tried Formit in modx revolution but it display dbs erros in the installing, but let me try again,