Spam via contact form

Guys, spam is coming in. Pass the captcha. What can be done7 Modx revo

Use Akismet. The integration is free; Akismet is a monthly subscription for commercial sites. Integration supports FormIt, Quip, and Register.

It’s incredibly effective.

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CleanTalk is also a good service to prevent SPAM. Works out of the box and is cheaper then Akismet :smiley_cat:

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Hello. Thanks guys. Are there free options?

For commercial sites: no.

SPForm is free and provides a basic contact form. It’s been virtually spam-free for me for years, even without Captcha. Using its Captcha with the mathstring option would make it even stronger.

Which captcha are you using? I have virtually spam free forms with the modx extra recaptcha2 and using the invisible recaptcha 3 option with it.

Hello. Thank you.

The MODX extra? Are you using it with recaptcha 2 (the checkbox) or 3 (invisible)? As far as I can tell the checkbox no longer stops spam. But you can use the invisible recaptcha with the same extra (recaptchav2). You need to log in to your Google recaptcha account, delete the domain that’s using v2, and then add it again as a new property with v3. Then in the manager settings delete the keys for 2 and add the new keys.

Hello. Yes.
Used the instruction I’ll try version 3