SOLVED: Within Manager, Resource and Element content disappears after page load

Please Note I have now solved the following problem by changing the permissions for the directories on the server to be 755 instead of 775. ALL WORKING NOW…Yahh


Resource and Element content disappears after page load

Step to reproduce

When I click on a Resource or a Element (such as a chunk or Template), the page loads, all appears for a moment and then disappears leaving just the Save, delete, duplicate etc buttons.
Clicking on anything within the files tab seems to work ok.

Observed behaviour

The following do not seem to be able to fix the problem:

  • resize the window
  • remove all extras
  • turning off js and css compression
  • clearing cache by deleting
  • trying in a number of different browsers
  • changing PHP version 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
  • empty browser cache
  • use incognito mode

Expected behaviour

Page display correctly and allow updating


MODX version 2.7.1
Chrome 75.0.377
Safari 9.1.2
Mac OS 10.11.6
PHP 7.0