SOLVED::TinymceRte - how to remove the Fonts options?

Anyone know how I can remove the Font options from the extra TinyMCE Rich Text Editor 2.0.8?
I can’t find any reference in System Settings.

Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure which option you mean exactly, but everything you are able to access in the editor is controlled by the system settings tinymcerte.menubar or tinymcerte.toolbar1 (/2/3).

Have a look at the docs to identify which one you’re after:

I believe directly in the system settings you can only show/hide an entire menu item in the setting tinymcerte.menubar.

If you want to remove a subitem inside the “Format” menu, you probably have to create an external config file (system setting tinymcerte.external_config) with content like this:

{"menu":{"format":{"title":"Format","items":"bold italic underline"}}}

This shows only the specified items “bold italic underline” in the “Format” menu.

Copy the default items list from the documentation and remove what you don’t want.

Removing ‘Format’ from the list does remove the Fonts options but the solution @halftrainedharry has given gives me more flexibility.
Thanks very much:-)

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