[solved]Is it a good idea to alter "modx_user_settings"?


I need to store some data in user settings. The data is a log and can grow up to 100 or 200 KB each and maybe more than 200 KB.

Since the “value” field in “modx_user_settings” is a type TEXT, what do you think about changing it to MEDIUMTEXT or LONGTEXT?

Can i just execute this statement “ALTER TABLE modx_user_settings; MODIFY COLUMN value MEDIUMTEXT;” or should I rather not touch the modx tables?

I could use the ClassExtender extra to extend the users, or even store the data in text files but i’d rather go with the user settings because it’s more convenient to deal with data straight from the manager.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

It is never a good idea to alter core tables.

Storing the data into text-files sounds like a good idea

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