SOLVED: baseUrl and basePath in media sources get lost

I have several MODx installtion and was never able to activate individual media sources.

When I try this

Name: Photos

basePath images/
basePathRelative Yes
baseUrl images/
baseUrlReleative Yes

the settings in basePath and baseUrl are always empty after saving. In the ressource tree as well as in the media browser the new “Photos” source will be shown - but starting with the root.

Nevertheless the properties settings seems to be correct in the database


There are no errors JS errors in the browser console, I checked all path settings in the config files, turned off .htaccess in the root just in case some entry could block something, checked the folder permissions - no luck.

Has anybody any idea whats going wrong?

This way it works for me:

  1. Upload an image in the wanted directory
  2. Make a new media resoureces pointing to the directory. Click save
  3. Clear MODx cache via file system
  4. Reload the manager
  5. Done